Our DNA Banking services


The Advantages of DNA Banking

We recommend Genesis Healthcare’s DNA Banking Services to anyone that fits the below concerns or critieras.

  • Individuals who live in regions where natural disasters like earthquake, tsunami, typoon are frequent.
  • Recommended for Employees of Corporation or Clients and their family members who often go abroad to politically or socially unstable and oftentimes unsafe to travel to. For regular travel, DNA Banking is highly recommended when travelling to countries with travel warnings.
  • Individuals who have a genetic disease within their family members up to their third degree of kinship.
  • Individuals who have family members with a inherited disease within the third degree of kinship.
  • Individuals living in areas oftentimes at high risk of natural catastrophic event.  
  • Individuals who want to preserve their genetic legacy for their future generations.
    High net-worth individuals and their family that are at risk of kidnapping or other threats.

For your family

In case of natural disaster or accident, it is important to find and identify yourself as fast as possible so that you can be with your family. However it is often the case that there can be a difficulty to identify a body with certain conditions. Here, DNA Banking can provide source material for identification.

DNA Banking for Genetic Information for Future Generations

Banking DNA of family menbers and next generations will increase the effectiveness of the banking service. By understanding the cause of disease whether by genetic or by environmental factors, you can obtain a better medical diagnosis leading to better and personalized treatment. Genetic Diseases are oftentimes misjudged or difficult to diagnose, and could cause a delay in treatment. Being able to trace back genetic information to your parents and your grandparents, or compare among your family members would offer necessary information to expedite diagnosis. At Genesis Healthcare, we offer family banking services at discounted rates. Please inquiry directly for further information.

Our Environment and DNA Banking: Protecting yourself from natural disasters

The frecquency of natural disaster and other unforeseen accidents tends to increase year after year. A governmental institute, called Headquarters of Earthquake Research predicts that between the areas of Sanriku and Bosohantou, the coastline facing the Pacfic Ocean, there will be a 90 percent of chance of a earthquake with a magnitute of at least 9 (M9) earthquake within 30 years. The Earthquake Research Institute within University of Tokyo also predicts that there is a 70 percent of chance of a M7 to occur in the Tokyo Capital Region area within 4 years. If you have concerns in protecting you and your family against unpredictable natural disasters, we believe that our DNA Banking Services will offer an alternate solution.

On March 2011, the date the Great East Japan Earthquake hit Northern Japan, Japan incurred difficultly in identifying missing people or bodies that were found.

After 9 months from the Great Earthquake, on 11th Dec in 2011 there were still 3,493 missings.

In general, checking belongings and facial recognition by family members are the standard method used in identifiying bodies. However, in case of the Great East Japan Earthquake, identifying bodies were difficult because of the tsunami, since either the bodies were found far away from their origins or there were no belongings found, because most of them were washed away. DNA Banking allows us to match the DNA that is banked with us with you or your relatives, depending on the objective, in the case of such events that require insurance proceedings.

Increasing number of Japanese were found at accidents in overseas.

The below table shows the number of japanese found in the overseas’s accident (more than 10) (between 1980~2000)

Date The No. of Death Cause Location
2000.11.12 10 Tunnel Fire Australia
1997.11.17 10 Gunned by armed group Luxor
1995.11.10 10 Avalanche at Himalayan Mountains Nepal
1994.4.26 158 Airplane Crash (Chinese Airline) Nagoya Airport
1992.8.11 10 Helicopter Crash Beijing
1992.7.31 18 Airplane Crash (Thai International Airline) Nepal
1991.2.26 10 Bus Accident Spain
1988.3.24 27 Train Crash during school trip Shanghai
1987.11.28 47 Airplane Crash (South African) Republic of Mauritius
1983.12.7 34 Airplane Crash (Abiaco Airlines) Madrid
1983.9.1 27 Airplane Crash (Korean Airline) Sakhalin
1981.8.22 18 Airplane Crash (Liaotong Airline) Taiwan

Reference: 「the number of Japanese who was involved in oversea accidents」, General Insurance Rating Organizaiton of Japan

Our Solution

Our facilities storing your DNA are operated by a temperature controlled storage room and 24/365 day security system to insure safekeeping of your DNA for long-term storage.

Features of DNA Banking

Excellent preservation

We collect DNA from swabbing your inner cheek, then placed on the a scpecial banking card to preserve your DNA for years.

Seperate preservation system

Your DNA is stored in two undisclosed locations for security purposes. By doing so, we can preserve your DNA in much safer way.

Ability to choose your DNA Banking period

There are chocies of 5, 10 and 15 years for storage term, depending on your lifestyle.