Our Promise


8 promises


We promise to respect the relevant legislation regarding to dealing with individual information and promise to endeavour to comply with its requirement.


We promise to contribute, not only to the development of scinece and technical research, but also to the innovation of genetic analysis so that we expect the balance between technology and knowledge.


We promise to endeavour to protect and to increase the accuracy of genetic analysis.


We promise to protect all the rights and profits of stakeholders and repect other religious, cultural and moral valures.


We promise to provide the quality services and products with useful information in order to deepen the relationship with our stakeholders.


We promise to disclose the flow of our business, current technology, the results of research and statistical data, so that we can increase the awareness and understanding of our company.

7.Community (bridge between doctors and customers)

We promise to improve our services and products by listening other opinions and understanding the potential needs.


We promise to pay particular attention on dealing with information through the business activities and promise to respect the rights of individuals and other corporates.