Corporate History

Since the founding of Genesis HealthCare Corportion in 2004, we have grown our business to offer a full array of Genetic Research and Testing Services, ranging from Consumer-based-testing, diagnostic testing and gene therapy (AAV) As one of the oldest research and genetic testing companies in Japan, we have earned a solid reputation through our long experience and technological abilities.


2004.03 Founded by David Baran and Dr. Iri Sato-Baran.
2004.09 Commenced Gene Therapy Research & Development.
2005.03 Started Genetic Testing Services to Medical and Academic Institutions.
2008.06 Launched Consumer Test Service [GeneLife] to Partners.
2010.09 Obtained Japan Patent for Gene Therapy.
2011.03 Surpassed 100,000 tests.
2011.04 Established Genesis Institutes for Genetic Research to expand in-house research.
2011.08 Obtained International Patent for Gene Therapy.
2012.02 Commenced Online/EC Testing Services.
2012.05 Launched a directly operated Direct to Consumer Brand called GeneLife that is targeted for mainly Japanese and Asians.
2012.06 Surpassed 200,000 kits sold.

Commenced DNA Banking Services.
2012.12 Launched GeneLife2012, the first microcrray-based DTC product.

Obtained Medical Device Manufacturing License and Medical Device Distribution License.
2013.04 GeneLife Online services and apps become available on Smartphone.
2013.06 Surpassed 300,000 kits sold.
2013.12 Launched GeneLife Haplo.
2014.03 Launched GeneLife Zero, a comprehensive DTC kit ommemorating the Anniversary of 10th year.
2014.05 Launched AR Genetic testing kit.
2014.09 Launched GeneLifeNEO Genetic testing kit.
2014.10 Launched Myself Genetic testing kit.

Affiliation with Genesis Medical Clinic Roppongi, the first Genetic Test Focused Private Clinic in Japan.
2015.06 Surpassed 400,000 kits sold.
2015.07 Third Party allotment of new shares with approximately 620 million yen underwritten by Mitsui & Co. and Founders Fund.

Tezuka Osamu Genetic Analysis Project,a leading Manga artist in Japan.

Launched Genesis Genetic testing kit.

Launched Television Commercials on major networks in Japan.
2015.08 Launch of BRCA1/2 Familial Breast Cancer test as a screening test to medical institutions in Japan.
2015.11 Expansion of Consumer genetic testing services to Asian Countries.
2016.10 Surpassed 500,000 kits sold.
2017.04 Office and laboratory move to Yebisu Garden Place.
2017.08 Third Party allotment of new shares with approximately 1.4 billion yen underwritten by Rakuten.
2017.09 Launch Genelife Genesis 2.0 to examine about 1500 genes at about 360 items at once.
2017.10 Launch genetic testing member service "GeneLife Premium".