Corporate’s Information

Company's Name Genesis Healthcare Co.
(Head Qusarters)
Yebisu Garden Place Tower 26F 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN, 150-6026
TEL 81-3-5422-8506
FAX 81-3-5422-8526
Incorporation March 1st 2004
Paid-in-Capital 2,123,882,460 Yen
Chairman of the Board David Baran (Founder)
President and Chief Strategy and Research Dr. Iri Sato Baran (Co-Founder)
Chief Technology Officer Takeru Miyahara
Managing Director
(Alliance Division)
Masami Terashima
Sr. Manager
(Strategic Planning)
Takefumi Miyabe
Sr. Manager
(Customer Service)
Mayo Yoshino
External Director Dr. Kozo Denpo
External Director Tetsu Kayama
External Director Kazuhiko Shibata
External Director Hiroshi Mikitani
External Director MATTHEW J. BURLAGE
Auditor Daiki Kouso, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW
Laboratory Genesis Institute for Genetic Research (GIGR)
Yebisu Garden Place Tower 26F 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN, 150-6026
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Business Activities

  1. We engage in a full range of Research and Testing Services to the Research, Medical and Corporates.
  2. General Testing Services (PCR, GWAS, Squencing, Full-Genome analysis)
  3. Genetic research and technology development.
  4. Development/Manufacturing/OEM R&D for consumer-based genetic testing kit
  5. Clinical Genetic Services (including cancer, periodontal disease, Pharmagenetic response test)
  6. Gene Therapy based on AAV technology
  7. Research on genetic and environmental factors
  8. DNA Banking and Storage Service
  9. Bioinformatics and Datamining Services
  10. IT consulting, IT solution services for genetic analysis
  11. Data Storage Center Services
  12. Educational Seminars

Licenses and Affiliation

Medical Device Manufacturing License (Japan): 13BZ200768
Medical Device Distribution License: (Japan) 13B3X10143
NPO Council for Protection of Individual Genetic Information