Genetic Research and Testing Services

DNA Extraction

Genesis Healthcare’s DNA Extraction Services can assist and provide DNA Extraction services from any source including blood, hair, spit, hair follicles or nails. Our Accredited Clinical Laboratory will assist you to obtain DNA for clinical diagnostic, DTC testing to forensics testing. Please inquire for assistance if you would like to outsource DNA extraction.

SNPs Genotyping

Our extensive experience in SNPs analysis will provide any researchers wishing to conduct GWAS Research or diagnostic testing from 1 SNPs to over 1M SNPs at a low cost even with low volume. Our researchers can assist you on the SNPs selection and the compatible equipment to provide you with the lowest cost and highest quality. We possess the largest inventory of primers, over 2000 SNPs, to accommodate even the smallest requests.


Pharmacogenetic research and testing has been one of the fastest growing request from our customers over the last 5 years especially from pharmaceutical companies wishing to conduct clinical trials or testing request received from medical institutions for drug screening purpose. We offer individual SNPs testing to identify drug compatibility, or can offer a full SNPs PGx panel on microarray chip for screening, research or diagnostic purposes.

Periodontal Genetic Testing

Genesis Healthcare has extensive experience with bacterial and Viral DNA sequencing. In the area of Periodontal diseases, we have developed GeneLife Medical [PERIO] a genetic test to screen and identify the existence and number of various bacteria that cause periodontal diseases. The test result is effective in planning treatment plans for dentists or Internal Medicine specialists who wish to identify the level of oral inflammation caused by various bacteria.

Gene Therapy

Genesis Healthcare possesses an international patent for AAV therapy with Dr. Takashi Okada, MD, PhD, one of the leading researchers in next generation gene therapy. Gene therapy is one of the new technology most sought after which through a special vector allows physicians to “implant” the correct gene sequence to otherwise untreatable diseases caused by a genetic disorder. Please inquire for information about possible clinical trial partnership or licensing for Muscular Dystrophy, ALS, Parkinson Diseases, Glioma, Autism and other single or multiple gene disorders.

Gene Expression

For researchers wishing to conduct gene expression research, we offer microarray services and bioinformatics services to assist you with your research and findings. Through our extensive experience in gene expression testing, we can assist you with panel selection and analysis of the results starting from only 8 samples.


Genesis Healthcare will assist you with your sequencing requirements based on your budget and objective from target sequencing to whole genome sequencing. All raw data will be compiled to your specification before delivery and our bioinformatics team will offer analysis services. We also offer Sequencing services that have been validated for BRCA1/2 as well as other regions for diagnostic purposes.

Population Genetics

Having the largest population database in Japan, our experience and expertise will assist you to build a population database of your own for your particular needs. With full genome mapped for various ethic groups in Asia, we can provide you with the most cost effective way to build your own population genetic database without undergoing extensive research of your own, saving you time and cost.

GWAS Study and Genotyping Services

Genesis Healthcare has developed an Asian Custom Chip that includes and covers the relevant SNPs for Japanese and East Asian Population. It will allow researchers to screen for GWAS study at a fraction of the cost to standard GWAS chips that are costly. Please inquire for further genotyping information or joint study opportunities.

Forensic (Genetic) Testing

We offer forensic genetic testing in the areas of humans, plants and animals for research purposes or for identification. Our technology and experience allows us to provide accurate results for even the minute concentration of extracted DNA or from an unknown sample origin. Please inquire with your specific request.