Business Areas

Genesis Healthcare is the only genetic testing company in Japan that specializes in genetic testing for over 10 years. As such, we are quoted in the media as the Pioneer of Genetic Research and Testing. Our services include a full range of testing, both research and diagnostic, using most advanced PCR, Microarray, or Sequencing technologies to academic, medical institutes and corporations. With over 1M tests conducted since inception, and with over 420,000 data in our genetic database, our experience and expertise offers the best possible solution to our clients. All our tests are validated and guaranteed for quality assurance.

GIGR focuses on R&D for advanced genetic testing

We established Genesis Institute for Genetic Research (GIGR) to engage in R&D activies. The aim is to develop proprietary technology focused on Genetic Testing. Highly trained and licensed technicians along with numerous PhD from various genetic areas engage in Specialized Research for humans, plants, and animals to develop newer and better research as well as assist our client’s need.

Our Experience offers Flexibility to our Client’s needs

Genesis Healthcare’s domestic market share (2009, 2014) is approximately 70 percent for the consumer market and is considered the market leader by far. We have amassed a genetic database of 420,000 (Nov, 2015)as of date, positioning Genesis Healthcare as the largest Japanese and Asian genetic database owned by a private company.
This large database which includes population data, GWAS for diseases, full genome mapping along with lifestyle and family surveys and clinical data, allows us to distinguish us from our competitors.
Service through commitment to the advancement of genetic science is also a key factor in our success. We offer educational seminars and lecture at study groups to researchers and corporations in the hopes to raise awareness for Genetic Research and Testing. We also directly fund researches which we view as having important scientific or social value. Genesis Healthcare works alongside Genesis Medical Clinic Roppongi, the first medical clinic in Japan that specializes in Genetic Testing and Diagnosis.

Offering Competitive Pricing

Due to high infrastructure costs related to genetic testing, expensive testing prices are the norm in the industry. We, at Genesis Healthcare, has automized our laboratories and meriting from our high volume, we are able to make genetic testing more affordable to all.