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Testing Service for Genetic Testing

We offer over 2000 testing items for medical and academic institutes and corporations, including but not limited to diagnostic testing, DTC testing, and target and whole genome sequencing. Please note that the genetic test service related to genetic disorders, recessive traits, pre-natal screening, and other diagnostic tests including familial cancer testing is limited only to medical institutes.

Consulting Service

  1. Bioinformatic and Statistical analysis services are available by our inhouse bioinformatics team to facilitate and support findings from Genetic Research for GWAS Research, Gene Expression Research, and Clinical Research.
    Our professional bioinformatics team is experienced in complying and analyzing data from GWAS, target and full genome research and clinical research. By using selected, we can assist in creating your own database or models to expand your research findings . Please consult with our Bioinformatics Team for further details.
  2. From our extensive knowledge of the DTC market in Japan, we offer product and strategic planning, assist and obtain clinical data for validation, research, marketing and customer services in addition to our testing services. We also offer licenses to customize kits tailored to the client’s need.
    Most genetic research is still in its discovery stage, and information is still limited. In order to pave path for new discovery in personalized medicine using genetic testing, we are dedicated in working with our clients to identify new discoveries in the preventive, diagnostic or data retrieval.
  3. We take extreme precaution to protect all our customers in its use of genetic informaton and personal data as required by Privacy Laws and METI Genetic Testing Guidelines in Japan. All are employees are routinely trained in Ethical Use and Conduct of Genetic Testing. We also have a strict security and compliance policy to ensure protection of sensitive data.
    Infromed Consent is mandated by Japanese Genetic Testing Guidelines and varies for its objective or product. Please consult with us on a variety of issues ranging from Privacy Laws, Guidelines, Informed Consent, Protection of Genetic and Personal data, Customer Service Requirements. Genesis Healthcare does not only provide Genetic Research and Testing, but also assist our client’s to obtain the knowledge of the regulatory environment.


Our inhouse research laboratory, Genesis Institute of Genetic Research (GIGR) is located at Kisarazu’s Akademia Park, a science park in Chiba Prefecture. The Laboratory is 40 minutes from Central Tokyo. Our laborary and its various rooms are equipped to handle various specimens and up to P3 level, and engage in wet and applied research and testing methods. Our laboratory

DNA Banking Service

Our DNA Banking services are made available for legal matters arising from inheritance, risk prevention for employees located at high risk occupations, personal identification and medical purposes. We offer DNA banking for up to 15 years and is available at 2 anonymous “safehouse” locations within Japan. We highly recommend all family members to bank and preserve their DNA.
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