Privacy Policy

Genesis Healthcare adheres to a strict Privacy Policy in protecting the genetic and personal information when practicing or offering genetic testing and research. As an industry leader, we hold highly the social responsibility for professional acts of conducts and ethics for genetic testing and research.

1. Compliance to Regulation

Genesis Healthcare adheres to national/local regulations and industry guidelines in Japan.

2. Quality Control

As a licensed clinical laboratory in Japan, Genesis Healthcare adheres to all rules and regulations required for quality control and oversight to offer security, accuracy and quality of genetic testing procedure and results.

3. Corporate Oversight

Genesis Healthcare is an Audited Company and our Board is comprised of External Directors that oversee Management and Employees practices. Each division is blindly audited on a periodical basis to check whether SOP and Testing Protocols are followed to insure the safety and protection of customer’s genetic information. Employees’ physical and mental health is frequently monitored by our personnel and medical staff not only to provide a healthy working environment but also to avoid accidents or mistakes, allowing us to insure the quality of our services. Our organization is flat in structure and cross divisional working relationships are promoted for speed, efficiency and better service to our clients.

4. Safety Measures

Safety Measures, as part of our measures to insure Information Security, are incorporated in all our Divisions to prevent any outsider access, which may result in misplacement, loss or damage to genetic and personal information. Security level clearance program is implemented to insure that customer information can only be accessed by employees with security clearance for the relevant data.

5. Education and Corporate Social Responsibility

Genesis Healthcare conducts education program to all levels of our employees to raise the awareness of compliance, ethics and social responsibility as deemed a requirement by a member in the genetic industry.

6. Partnerships

Genesis Healthcare has business relations or partnerships with only those organization that have cleared our strict security checklist including the conduct of ethical business practices using genetic information and possess the ability to secure genetic and personal information. We will not provide services to any parties wishing to extend the use the genetic information for commercial or research use that may lead to disreputable consequences for the scientific community.

7. Internal Audit

Genesis Healthcare’s Internal Audit Team will periodically conduct blind audits to employees and divisions to check for any conduct that requires amendments or improvements. We also welcome annual audits by our clients as part of our client’s due diligence.

8. Accident Reporting

When in an event of an accident or natural disaster that disrupts normal business activities, Genesis Healthcare has in place a business contingency plan for the areas of Operation, Genetic Testing and Information Security. We strive to insure our clients to continue the normal course of business activity in unforeseen circumstances.

9. Customer Support

Our Corporate Slogan “Omoiyari,” means to Care for Others. At Genesis Healthcare, Genesis Institute of Genetic Research and Genesis Medical Clinic Roppongi, our affiliate partner, each of our employee have first-hand experience with customers and patients requiring undivided support for medical or health conditions. Our Customer Service Team will accommodate your request or inquires through web inquiry or telephone between 9:30AM and 6PM in Japanese and English. We hope to serve you in the most serene manner possible.

10. Public Announcements

Our Information Security and Protection of Individual Genetic Information Policies are disclosed in our homepage to address our commitment to social responsibilities.

Our Principles and Objective for Protection of Personal and Genetic Information

Our Key Privacy Principles and Objective is outlined as follows;
- To provide, research, analyze and improve our Services in each country and region while adhering to national and local laws and regulations; including methodology for marketing and for advertising purposes.

- To protect the security and safety of The Company and Services, its employees and customers alike for each country in which the Services are offered to.

- To comply with all laws and regulations we are subject to in Japan.

- Not to sell, lease or rent Personal Information without your explicit consent.