Genesis Healthcare Announces Collaboration with IBM Japanin the Genetics Space to offer Personalized Healthcare services in Japan.

Genesis Healthcare and IBM Japan jointly announced a Collaboration to develop Personalized Healthcare Services using Genesis Healthcare’s genetic expertise and Japan IBM’s technology. Both are leading companies in the field of Genetics and Cognitive field in Japan.
This new effort in combining the Big Data of Genesis Healthcare’s genetic database which currently has amassed over 470,000 population genetic data, with IBM advanced cognitive technology, aims to facilitate and promote personalized healthcare services in Japan.

The collaborative efforts of the two leading companies in the field of genetics and cognitive technology envisions the creation and offering of a new era of personalized services in Japan. It is foreseen that the combination of an individual’s genetic data coupled with IBM’s technology will allow consumers, employers, physicians, pharmaceutical companies and other industries linked to healthcare to gain better insight from multiple sources involving personal history, lifestyle and clinical data. The mission will focus on personalized disease prevention, drug discovery, longevity, and promotion of higher quality of life overall in a country in which the aging population has raised the awareness for personalized health intervention.

A pilot study involving monitors will be launched in the initial phase as part of the collaboration effort to maximize the service offerings in Japan.

GeneLife does not analyze the following Diseases
Genetic Testing is still in its development stage and GeneLife takes precautions for consumer safety. To adhere to Japanese Genetic Testing Guidelines and NPO Counsel for Protection of Individual Genetic Information, GeneLife® selects testing items to assure consumer’s health and safety and its kits are accredited by a 3rd party organization for its content and validity. GeneLife also complies with Japanese Health Guidelines and Genesis Healthcare Ethics Committee’s Consumer Safety and Health directives. Based on these accords, GeneLife does not offer genetic testing for Genetic Diseases or Disorders which are;

1.considered as incurable and/or no treatments
2.caused by severe psychological stress
3.psychiatric diseases such as Altzheimer's Disease which has not yet been identified its cause
4.recessive Disorders or Mendellian Diseases
5.diagnostic in nature.

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