Work environment

Employement Opportunities at Genesis Healthcare

Genesis Healthcare offers a very diversified and self-challenging working environment, while incorporating the concept of “Omoiyari,” or “Caring” for others in our workplace.

Our Diversity:

Roughly 30% of our Employees are comprised of various academic backgrounds in Basic or Applied Science; with graduate degrees in Medicine, Genetics, Physics, Mathemathics, Microbiology, Chemistry, Nursing and Nutrition. Another 30% of our employees possess degrees or specialized skills in Computer Science or Engineering. And the remaining employees are from bachelor of arts background, including but not limited to marketing, economics, political science, history, communication and arts. We promote hiring of foreigner nationals from any country for cultual diversity. Currently we have foreign nationals from US, India, China, and Korea. Thus, English is a second language within our organization.

Equal Employment:

We are also an equal opportunity employer and adhere to equality. We have the same proportion of male-female employees within the organization and within each officer level, which is extremely unique in Japan. Each employee is evaluated annually on their personal merit.

A Unique “No-Retirement” Program:

Another unique aspect is that we do not have a formal retirement program. Due to the aging population in Japan, our senior employees are not mandated to retire at the Age of 60, but rather encouraged to stay on if they desire. Thus, the age range of our employees range from 23 years to 67 years of age.

Our Corporate Culture: “Omoiyari” or “Caring” for others:

As genetic test or research oftentimes require compassion for other, our employees are expected to display “Omoiyari,” Caring and Respect to our client’s and employee’s individuality, gender, age, academic background, health conditions and psychological conditions. We also hire candidates with physical handicaps or have suffered mental distress and work closely with them to return or become a part of society. We believe that our employees understand the importance of being healthy and the pains that come with being sick more than other company and promote it though our Action. Our affiliate, Genesis Medical Clinic Roppongi, serves to provide free medical treatment and care to our employees to insure that we maintain a healthy work environment.

Special Employment Program (For candidates who require special support)

Due to our business nature, we have a higher frequency of working with and supporting patients and families that are suffering from incurable diseases or with physical, learning or mental disabilities. Thus, we also feel the strong need to also create employment opportunities for those who struggle from disease or support employees whose family members struggle with difficulties. We feel a strong corporate social responsibility for the physically disabled and people with development or mental disorders. If a candidate has disabilities or assistance needs, we will plan with you accordingly.

Internship Programs

We offer internships for high school, undergraduate and graduate students wishing to learn the procedure and operating various genetic testing equipment or pursure their interest in genetic research. If you are an interested candidate, please send your Letter of Interest and Resume to our Human Resources Dept. We will not refuse an internship based on lack of experience.

Flexible Work Program

Our Flexible Work Program offers full-time employees an option to adjust their working hours during pregnancy, child raising, caring for your in-laws, or require medical care. We offer an open communication environment in which you can discuss your situation with HR about your special needs.

Work environemnt

Genesis Healthcare adheres to a smoke-free working environment. Smokers are allowed to only at designated smoking areas outside of the office/laboratory. Under our Health Benefit Promotion Program for Employees, Non-smokers are entitled to a “Health Initiative Allowance” of ¥3000 yen per month.