Corporate Philosophy

We believe that Genetics will be one of the most Scientifically Innovative Industry during the 21st century. Genesis Healthcare is dedicted to strive as the leading company in Japan; to provide a full range of research and testing needs for medical (treatment, diagnosis, pharmaceuticals, prevention), agricultural (vegetation, foods) to stockbreeding (animals) to our clients through a wide specturm of testing platforms and services.

Our board members, employees and partners all understand the sensitivies surrounding Genetic Research and Testing and adhere to the highest principals surrounding Ethics and Protection of Genetic Information. Our Ethics Committee comprised of the top researchers, lawyer and physicians review every process, technology, informed consent, guidelines and regulations, to ensure utmost respect for scientific advancement.
At the same time, our corporate philosophy addresses “Caring” as one of our key slogan. We provide Service that is from our heart, or “Omoiyari” in Japanese, and do our best to provide individualized services for each need.

  • With strong emphasis on R&D and Product Development in the areas of personalized medicine, we have formed various collaboration with prominent researchers in the quest for technological advancement and scientific discovery. Genesis Healthcare also has a Grant Program which provides selected Researchers who have proven research areas that are of high academic or social value.
  • Genesis Healthcare also offers internships and research fellowships for those that wish to join Genesis Institute of Genetic Research. The fellowship allows research continuity and advancement in fields ranging from Personalized Medicine, new drug discovery, and new technological discoveries.
  • Genesis Healthcare was selected by METI to represent and form NPO Council for Protection of Individual Genetic Information. We work closely with government bodies to formulate new guidelines and/or regulations in the genetic industry. We serve as an industry leader and actively promote the value and issues surrounding the genetic industry through our role.

Co-Founder of Genesis Healthcare.Co
President, CSR
Dr. Iri Sato-Baran