Celebration of Humanity

Our commitment is to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives Benefiting from genetic science through preventive and personalized wellness

Each individual is different from how we think to how we look like, how we live each day and what language we speak, however when we look at our genes, we share the same for almost 99%. Based on this genetic fact, we shall praise humanity, cherish it and through genetic testing, create a healthy society, which celebrates diversity. Genesis Healthcare holds this as its mission.

Company Overview

Company Name Genesis Healthcare Co.
Incorporation March 1, 2004
Paid-in-Capital ¥3,778,192,002 (Including additional paid-in-capital)
Business Licence Approval for Third-Class Production and Distribution of Medical Devices
Registrated Industry Medical Device Manufacturing
Registered Public Health Laboratory
- Hematological Testing (Germline Gene Testing, Somatic Gene Testing)
Member Organizations CPIGI (Council for Protection of Individual Genetic Information)
Japan Bioindustry Association
Location (Headquarters) Yebisu Garden Place Tower 15F/26F 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN, 150-6026 (Main Reception: 15F)
Google Maps
TEL 03-5422-8506 FAX 03-5422-8526
Laboratory Yebisu Garden Place Tower 26F 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN, 150-6026
Overseas Offices Genesis Healthcare Asia Pte. Ltd.
- Singapore
- Taiwan

Affiliates and Partners

  • Rakuten, Inc.
  • MITSUI & CO., LTD.
  • Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.
  • DHC Corporation
  • DR. Ci:Labo Co., Ltd.
  • QVC Japan, Ltd.
  • Procter &Gamble Japan K.K.
  • IBM Japan, Ltd.
  • AEON Co., Ltd.
  • MARUI Co., Ltd.
  • TSUTAYA Co., Ltd
  • Kyowa, Co., Ltd.
  • Dinos Cecile Co., Ltd.
  • Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Co., Ltd.
  • XEBIO Holdings, Co., Ltd.
  • Universities, Hospitals and Sports Clubs across the country
  • KingMed Diagnostics
  • Among many others

Board Members and Advisors

Chairman of the Board David Baran (Founder)
President and Chief Strategy and Research Dr. Iri Sato Baran (Co-Founder)
Chief Technology Officer Takeru Miyahara
External Director Tetsu Kayama
External Director Dr. Kozo Denpo (DHC Corporation)
External Director Kazuhiko Shibata
External Director Hiroshi Mikitani (Rakuten, Inc.)
External Director Matthew J. Burlage
Auditor Daiki Kouso
Special Advisor Toshiharu Furukawa, Doctor of Medical Science / Attorney-At-Law
Advisor Nobuaki Tanaka, Doctor of Medicine
Medical Science Advisor Shohei Matsuzaki (Tokai University Professor Emeritus)

Ethical Committee

  • Shohei Matsuzaki (Tokai University Professor Emeritus)
  • Susumu Higuchi (National Hospital Organization, Kurihama Medical and Addiction Center)
  • Seiya Saito (Professor, Population Genetics Studies Division, National Institute of Genetics)
  • Yoshiro Kubota (Kikkoman General Hospital, Director of Hospital)
  • Yumiko Waseda (Attorney-At-Law)
  • Dr. Iri Sato Baran ( Genesis Healthcare Co.)

Corporate History

2004.03 Founded by David Baran and Dr. Iri Sato-Baran.
2004.09 Started Gene Therapy Research & Development.
2005.03 Started providing Genetic Testing Services for Medical and Academic Institutions.
2008.06 Launch of Direct-To-Consumer Testing Service ‘GeneLife’.
2010.09 Obtained Japan Patent for Gene Therapy.
2011.03 Surpassed 100,000 tests.
2011.04 Established Genesis Institutes for Genetic Research to expand in-house research.
2011.08 Obtained International Patent for Gene Therapy.
2012.02 Commenced Online/EC Testing Services.
2012.05 Launched a directly operated Direct to Consumer Brand called ‘GeneLife’ that is targeted for mainly Japanese and Asians.
2012.06 Surpassed 200,000 kits sold.
Commenced DNA Banking Services.
2012.07 Started conducting quantitative test for Periodontal Bacteria
2012.12 Launched ‘GeneLife2012’, the first microcrray-based DTC product.
Obtained Medical Device Manufacturing License and Medical Device Distribution License.
2013.04 ‘GeneLife’ Online services and apps become available on smartphone.
2013.06 Surpassed 300,000 kits sold.
2013.09 Start of GIGR (Cancer / GWAS) Services, an online testing kit for medical facilities
2013.12 Launched GeneLife Haplo.
2014.03 Launched ‘GeneLife Zero’, a comprehensive DTC kit commemorating the Anniversary of 10th year.
2014.05 Launched AR Genetic testing kit.
2014.09 Launched ‘GeneLife NEO’ Genetic testing kit.
2014.10 Launched Myself Genetic testing kit.
Affiliation with Genesis Medical Clinic Roppongi, the first Genetic Test Focused Private Clinic in Japan.
2015.06 Surpassed 400,000 kits sold.
2015.07 Third Party allotment of new shares with approximately 620 million yen underwritten by MITSUI & CO. and Founders Fund.
Tezuka Osamu Genetic Analysis Project, a leading Manga artist in Japan.
Launched ‘GeneLife Genesis’ Genetic testing kit.
Launched Television Commercials on major networks in Japan.
2015.08 Launch of BRCA1/2 Familial Breast Cancer test as a screening test to medical institutions in Japan.
2015.11 Expansion of Consumer genetic testing services to Asian Countries.
2016.06 ‘GeneLife’ was granted accreditation by ‘CPIGI (Council for Protection of Individual Genetic Information)’.
2016.10 Surpassed 500,000 kits sold.
2017.04 Office and laboratory move to Yebisu Garden Place.
2017.08 Third Party allotment of new shares with approximately 1.4 billion yen underwritten by Rakuten.
2017.09 Launch ‘GeneLife Genesis2.0’ to examine about 1,400 genes at about 360 items at once.
2017.10 Launch genetic testing member service ‘GeneLife Premium’.
2018.02 Reached third-party equity allocation agreement with Rakuten Inc., and Omron Healthcare, Co.,Ltd.; an astounding amount of 1.65 Billion JPN Yen.
2018.06 Surpassed the threshold of 600,000 total number of analyses conducted
2018.10 Launch of the ‘Genesis Asia 1000’ Project, a project aiming to assemble a data base specialized in Japanese and the Asian population.
Introduced whole genome sequencing services.