GeneLife offers a range of direct-to-consumer DNA testing kits, enabling users to assess potential hereditary health risks and lifestyle related conditions.

Our affordable DNA testing kits allow users to identify potential health risks as well as other body conditions such as dietary or skin types for enhanced wellness. Through our genetic reports and wellness recommendations, users are empowered to know more about themselves and be informed about potential risks for the future. It also allows them to make relevant proactive lifestyle adjustments to enhance their health, evolving towards preventive and personalized wellness. GeneLife offers a variety of genetic testing kits ranging from health, personality, diet and nutrition, beauty and skincare, sports and fitness as well as ancestry. All, easily done from the convenience of home.

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‘GeneLife’ offers a variety of health and lifestyle related genetic tests

Genesis 2.0 is our most comprehensive gene testing kit that scans for over 361 traits to uncover potential health risks, diseases and body conditions. Myself2.0 is a truly unique genetic testing kit specializing in analyzing personality traits based on the latest research and development in genetics and psychology. In addition, GeneLife offers a selection of lifestyle related genetic testing kits, our diet kit is designed to test the relation between genes and body conditions such as the development of obesity. Our skincare related kits analyses the relation correlation of genetics with the process of skin aging. Beyond these kits, GeneLife also offers a range of kits covering, metabolic syndrome… We also offer a premium application service, currently in beta version to allow users to access their genetic information on their mobile and receive personalized wellness advice.

All our tests are easily done from the comfort of home

An exclusively designed specimen sampling kit will allow users to collect mucosa from the inner side of their cheek or saliva. Once done, users only need send their sample and consent form back via post. The results of the genetic test will arrive in approximatively 1 to 4 weeks (delivery time depends on which kit has been purchased). Customers will be able to check their results through paper-based reports or through their online account on our website/mobile sites.

Genesis Healthcare owns its own laboratory, processing all tests in Japan

Our core expertise is genetic research and testing for more than 15 years. All tests are performed in our own laboratory and facilities in Tokyo, allowing to provide rapid genetic testing services at the best cost as well as superior customer satisfaction.

Multiple business partnerships models

Genesis Healthcare collaborates with a range of strategic partners, with different collaboration models, from whole-selling services of existing products to OEM partnerships across our product-line up (exclusive of risk testing). In addition, GeneLife is distributed through a range of retail partners, such as pharmacies, beauty salons, sports gyms, to name a few. Genesis Healthcare supports a range of employee benefit programs with selected corporations to give easy access to the benefits of genetic testing through social and welfare programs. Customized API services are also available and evaluated on an on-demand basis.

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For Clinicians and Researchers

With more than 15 years of genetic research and development, Genesis Healthcare provides innovating solutions to the medical and healthcare industries.

From our inception, our aim has been to support healthcare providers, medical institutions and universities in their research programs. Providing high quality genetic testing services, accessible at the most competitive cost in Japan and across Asia, GenesisPro offers a range of professional services including Next Generation Sequencers (NGS), micro-array, PCR analysis.

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A service specializing in ‘Precision Medicine’ and ‘Preventive Medicine’

Through various innovative developments in genetic testing techniques, diseases related to certain types of gene variations can be detected in a more comprehensive range than ever before. Through this substantial progress, genetic testing can be applied to research of a more precise and personalized type of medicine. At Genesis Healthcare, we aim to support all researchers and clinicians involved in researching ‘precision and preventive medicine’ by providing a series of services. To name a few, we offer Drug Response Testing (PGx), which can help in order to reduce drug-related adverse events or optimize dosages of drugs. A testing service on familial breast cancer and ovarian cancer, for which early detection and prevention is crucial, as well as tests on disease risks related to lifestyle habits and cancer risks can also be found in our service line-up.

The New Next Generation Sequencing Laboratory is optimized to meet various needs

With the arrival of the Next Generation Sequencers, it is now possible to sequence full genome or exome sequencing (protein encoded regions) in just one run. This methodology will provide higher quality, more expedient and less expensive services to the medical, population genetics, pharmacogenetic research community.

Microarray testing service using Design specifically for Asian Population

Microarray method allows genome wide screening of SNP (Single Nuclueotide Polymorphism) in a single run. At Genesis, we provide a customized array validated from variations predominantly identified from 10,000 samples of Japanese and East Asian population and can support GWAS studies for identification of various diseases and characteristics.

We provide specified and targeted gene testing services / genotyping services utilizing PCR testing techniques

Polymerase Chain is a method widely used to make multiple copies of a specific DNA segment (so called, a method of DNA amplification). This method enables us to amplify specific regions of the tiny amount of DNA or RNA, and allow us to perform SNPs genotyping and gene-expression profiling. Moreover, by utilizing a real-time PCR method which can quantify amplified DNA by PCR in real time, targeted SNPs determination can be made feasible at a rapid and low-cost.

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