May 28, 2018
Press Release

Nestle Japan started a new service for its “Nestle Wellness Ambassador” program, incorporating “GeneLife” from 28th of May, 2018

TOKYO, May 28, 2018 -- Nestle Japan Co., Ltd. represented by Takaoka Kozo (President & CEO), announced today a new service to enhance the “Nestle Wellness Ambassador” program with personalized health advice based on genetic testing. DNA test kits from Genesis Healthcare Co., Japan's pioneer genetic testing and research company, represented by Dr. Iri Sato Baran (President) were selected to be incorporated into the service.

What is “Nestle Wellness Ambassador”?

Through free meal analysis, the “Nestle Wellness Ambassador” program allows its members to receive personalized recommendations, containing relevant ingredients and nutrients for optimal health and beauty. Specifically developed for the Japanese market, it is aimed to be enjoyed in every day’s life. Members will enjoy free usage of the coffee machine “Nescafe Dolce Gusto” and create new healthy habits from flavors such as “Matcha”, “Milk” and “Smoothie”.

“Nestle Wellness Ambassador” new service:

Incorporating genetic testing, the new service provides personalized health advice, bringing the program to a new level.

Meal analysis:

By sending photos of their meals through LINE, members will automatically receive nutritional analysis and personalized advice free of charge, allowing identification of potential shortage of nutrients as well as recommendations of relevant products from the “Nestle Wellness Ambassador” program.

Genetic testing / blood test:

To join the special course from the “Nestle Wellness Ambassador” program, members can choose to perform genetic testing or blood test. Results will be directly communicated to the members by the selected provider and will receive personalized health and nutrition advice from a professional nutritionist.

- Genetic testing kit: Provided by Genesis Healthcare Co. (
- Blood test kit: Provided by Halmek Ventures. Inc. (

Introducing GeneLife Series

- GeneLife Genesis 2.0 Special edition: Analysis of 360 diseases/traits.
- GeneLife DIET: Analysis of 3 genes to identify gene type with diet advices.
- GeneLife SKIN: Analysis of 3 genes to identify gene type with skin care recommendations.
- GeneLife SPORTS: Analysis of 1 gene to understand “muscle type”.

Genesis Healthcare Co.
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