B2B Sales Manager

What we are looking for

We are looking for a person that can come on board to take on all types of procedures and tasks that cover B2B sales of our genetic testing kits, developing sales paths and channels, planning sales strategy and execution and finally managing relationships with whole-sellers, retailers and other shops.
- He/She will mainly be in charge of B2B sales of our direct-to-consumer genetic testing kits
- Fortunately, our direct-to-consumer genetic testing kits are being sold on multiple platforms and channels such as our owned EC website, EC mall type websites but also TV shopping, department stores, drug stores, retailers, concept stores and a variety of retail shops.
For the B2B sales division we expect to maintain relationships with existing B2B customers and platforms as well as expand the range of our alliances and business partners, planning new sales promotions. He/She will have to have a strong and creative mindset, which will enable them to continuously challenge themselves.


- 5 or more years of experience in B2B sales for tangible and intangible products, who has hit high targets and was assessed as having a good performance.
- 5 or more years of experience in whole-sale and retail sales and has maintained strong relationships with each counterpart
- Someone who has experience in sales activities that are not defined by traditional means but has created their own path through self-ownership and sales planning
- Someone that has a vast view-point on issues and is not swayed by stereotypical sales methods but has shaped their sales style through creativity and can present success.
- Experience in or knowledge of the healthcare industry or healthcare products
- Someone that has strong interesting in genetic testing and businesses that conduct genetic research
- Someone who is excited and highly interested in shaping new businesses and services as well as shaping organizations that are still growing and have not fully matured yet
- Someone who is driven by motivation and is willing to challenge themselves in order to further develop growing markets

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