Data Scientist

What we are looking for

We are looking for someone that has interest in working with genetic information and lifestyle data (steps taken, hours of sleep, heart rate etc.). For this role, the candidate will be asked to dive into the aforementioned data and make statistical analyses of it whilst making sense of the scientific insight gained out of it. He/She will be tasked to make proposals, create business strategies up until actual implementation of the service models we hope to create.



Either of the following experiences
- Experience in conducting data analyses or providing consultancy utilizing tools such as Python, R, Stan etc.
- Experience in preparing and making proposals on business solutions to clients, utilizing methods of machine learning or statistical analysis.
- Experience and notable accomplishments in providing and detecting business solutions through adequate monitoring of KPIs and PL.

Good to haves

- Extensive knowledge in NLP, machine learning and mathematical and statistical analysis
- Experience in information dissemination/ deployment in the artificial intelligence field, statistical analysis and machine learning (published papers, technical reports or any experience in being published)
- A mix of strategic thinking x a mind focused on providing solutions tackling difficult tasks x ability to follow through with the execution of plans, which promises concrete results and changes.
- Communication skills to form good partnerships and relationships with other divisions.
- Organizational skills and strengths as well as a competitive mindset, who has experience in planning and executing business plans that connect to efficiency.

What we look for in a person

- Someone who is eager to acquire new knowledge and is not afraid of changes or new things; someone who continues to challenge themselves.
- Someone who is not afraid to take leadership, ownership of the projects he/she will be in charge of and someone who is dedicated in solving tasks.
- Someone who can move forward under any conditions and can think ahead.

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