Marketing Director (Web)

What we are looking for

The medical and healthcare industry is growing exponentially, especially with tailored and prevention medicine making its way, there is a growing need for direct-to-consumer genetic testing kits to be precisely understood by the general public. In order to lead in the industry and achieve this goal, we will need talent that can spear-head market strategy planning as well as extensively expanding our presence on the web. We are looking for someone that can closely work with the strategy planning division and has experience in coming up with marketing strategy plans that will grow revenue and meet profitability goals as well as promotion and marketing efforts in general. For this role we expect he/she to come up with marketing activities that will optimize sales performance of our owned and other EC mall websites (Rakuten and Amazon etc.) and someone that has sales hacks, can come up with web as well as real-world sales promotion activities and finally analyze and optimize marketing efforts over all.



- 2 years or more experience in sales promotion or marketing strategy
- 2 years or more experience in tasks utilizing WEB MA tools or analytical tools
- 2 years or more experience in tasks revolving data analyses of revenue and user behavior

Good to haves

- Experience or interest in the healthcare industry
- Experience in branding
- Is skilled in data analysis and mathematics
- Someone that has experience in and notable success in direct-to-consumer marketing and promotion planning
- Someone that has knowledge of the entire flow from product planning, development to promotion and has experience in operation with specific sales and revenue targets
- Experience in sales promotion revolving around a product in real-world as well as virtual world
- Someone who has experience in growing and nurturing a pre-existing product or service through marketing efforts
- Someone that is comfortable with aggressively working towards pioneering in new markets and business opportunities
- Someone that can think and then act
- Someone skilled in developing and presenting deliverables
- Someone that can think, explain and act logically, based on figures and evidence.

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