Product Owner

What we are looking for

We are looking for someone that can take charge in assessing the market as well as priorities in terms of IT task management within our engineer teams and IT task force when it comes to the various services our company provides. He/She will be asked to define product needs, manage QCD and oversee PDCA efforts in terms of product.



- Experience in business planning and assessment support
- Experience in product planning, defining product needs and designing plans
- Managing product QCD
- Managing teams and partners as well as bringing together each member that is involved in development
- Experience in product assessment and reflection
- IT management skills
- Strong communication skills

Good to haves

- Someone that has an innovative mindset and is not afraid of making mistakes down the road of challenging themselves.
- Positive mindset
- Someone that is interested in continuously educating themselves about new technologies and findings from within as well as outside of the country.
- Someone that has experiencing in re-shaping pre-existing products or services through marketing efforts
- Someone that can logically explain and communicate both internally and externally about targets, objectives and procedures

For inquiries please contact us through the email below: